Puppy & Dog Care eBook

An eBook For All Caring Dog Lovers

Puppy & Dog Care eBook

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This comprehensive guide to dog ownership, written by a professional trainer – and dog lover – is packed full of advice gleaned from a career studying, working with and owning dogs.

The 181 page PUPPY & DOG CARE guide is divided into 37 chapters, each dealing with a different aspect of dog ownership. Additionally, the fourteen-page index (available in the .pdf version) is designed to lead you straight to information you need. This informative reference work takes you from the search and purchase of a suitable dog, to its arrival in your home, through the training and ‘getting to know one another’ stage, and then on to maturity . . . and old age.

You will find this sympathetic and engagingly written reference book a pleasure to read– and afterwards it can be retained for continual support as your dog meets all the usual hazards of life.

An invaluable reference work for all dog lovers and dog owners. Doesn't matter what the breed is, this book will help you understand how dogs respond to considerate owners. Makes ‘no bones’ about explaining when to call your vet.

Lets you see life through your dog’s eyes!

Readers' Reviews

“I think it’s factual, informative, useful... helpful” (HM)

“Perfect book for new owners, detail is very good” (HL)

“Packed full of detail and advice...novel” (JM)

“Would buy for friends if they were buying a new puppy” (DW)

"The pack leader perspective turned out to be a myth ..... I found out the real way dogs learn" (BS)

"A wonderful book for dog owners, the suggested training tips are so easy to follow and you can see they make perfect sense" (AS)

The Ownership Guide For A Dog’s Life

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This is the printed version of Alex's first book 'Puppy Problems' also available on Amazon.